Lee Ho-seong, a rookie pitcher whom Samsung expects to be ‘we are’, “is not inferior to Seohyun or Youngchul”

“The speed is in the mid to late 140km range, but the control is more confident than anyone else”.

At the Samsung Lions’ spring camp in Okinawa, Japan, rookie right-handed orthodox pitcher Lee Ho-seong (19), who joined this year, announced that he is expected by showing sharp pitches. Although he is still a pitcher with a youthful face and a slim physique (184cm, 88kg), he is making director Park Jin-man smile while watching with stable control. Director Park, who watched from behind as Lee Ho-seong, who joined the 1st team camp on the 26th after training in the Futures 2nd team, pitched in the bullpen, said, “First of all, the ball tip is quite good. Also, I like the fact that his body is flexible and has great potential for development.”

Lee Ho-seong, who wore a Samsung uniform with the 8th overall pick in the first round in last year’s rookie draft, is less known than Kim Seo-hyun (Hanwha), who is emerging as a top star candidate, and Yoon Young-chul (KIA), who was the second pick, but has confidence that is comparable to them. seemed As a rookie, Lee Ho-seong, who is adapting by training with first-team seniors and big-star players, said, “I am more concerned about control than restraint. He can throw a curveball, a slider, and a changeup as a change-up,” he says.

Lee Ho-seong said, “His top speed has not yet exceeded 150 km, but his speed has been increasing since he was in the first year of high school, so I expect it to get faster. He continues to grow in height little by little, and as he gains more weight, he will add more volume and weight. He also showed an extraordinary desire to compete, saying, “I think he is never inferior to the new players competing in other clubs.”

Director Park Jin-man, who is watching Lee Ho-seong with interest, said, “Rather than immediately using him as a first-team starting resource, it seems better to appoint him as a bullpen pitcher and gain experience. He needs to show his fighting cock temperament, such as showing a little shy appearance,” and is ordering a more fighting appearance. A professional pitcher can only survive if he confidently pitches on the mound as if he is the best.

Lee Ho-seong, who said that he developed extraordinary control by throwing balls at bottles and cans since childhood, contributed to Incheon High School winning the championship at the Ulsan National Sports Festival last year. was Thanks to this, he was nominated by Samsung in the first round and entered the professional league with a down payment of 200 million won. 온라인카지노

Samsung, which needs to reinforce the middle pitching staff more than the starting lineup this season, is expected to focus on refining Lee Ho-seong, who shows potential for development. Lee Ho-seong, who said he grew up dreaming by watching videos of his senior right-hander Won Tae-in, who is a Samsung ace and a national representative in high school, is expected to grow as a pro.

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