“Lee Hyo-ri fell from the first floor, I am satisfied”

“What’s your favorite nickname? Let’s see… , I think I’m a little tired of that nickname that the media used to call me. The older sisters playfully called her Eunsil, but personally, I like Hyori Lee who fell from the first floor. Lee Hyori-nim’s fans might be moved to tears when they hear it, but it’s not that we’re completely alike, we just fell off the first floor. Ha ha ha… It’s not burdensome and I think it’s good.”

Among the nicknames that have been called the most in WKBL so far is ‘Beauty Shooter’. It is a modifier that is often attached to shooters who show charm beyond their unique nicknames, such as Yang Ji-young, Han Chae-jin, Park Ha-na, and Lee Yeon-hwa. Among them, many people cite Kim Eun-hye (40‧182cm), a commentator for KBS N SPORTS, as the original player. At the time, the popular word ‘ulzzang’ replaced beauty and was also called ‘ulzzang shooter’, and this genealogy continues with Kim Yeon-ju and Kang Iseul.

Commentator Kim Eun-hye graduated from Soongui Girls’ High School, and she was nominated by Woori Bank as the 3rd overall player in the 2001 WKBL New Player Selection. For 12 years, she played for only one team at Woori Bank, and she played 342 regular league games, scoring 2505 points (453 three-pointers), 1138 rebounds, 301 assists, 220 steals and 136 blocked shots. She didn’t have a so-called monster season, but her strong performance based on stable play was her strength.

As can be seen from the fact that he scored 26 points, including 7 3-point shots, in a game against KB Stars on February 28, 2007, once his fingertips became hot, he exploded outside shots and collected 12 rebounds in 3 games. As much as it was recorded, I actively went out to the dirty work. He won the 2004 Winter League Sixth Woman Award, the 2007 Winter League 3-pointer title (47 total), and won the Free Throw Award (91.3%) in the 2009–10 season.

She is considered to be in her prime between 2005 and 2007. As evidenced by this, she also participated in various competitions such as the World Women’s Basketball Championship in Brazil as a national representative. Although she is an excellent shooter, she actively participates in rebounding and has a style of running tenaciously without sacrificing herself, so her biggest strength was that she is a piece of her that can contribute to the team throughout. But like many of her players, she couldn’t escape injury reefs. After suffering from injuries large and small, she announced her retirement after helping her team win the 2012-13 season. 메이저사이트

She said, “No regrets? Of course there was. No matter how hard she worked on the court and burned her passion, she will surely remain regretful when she decides to retire. There is only a slight difference. However, compared to what she showed, she was undeservedly loved by her fans, and she was called by various nicknames and was able to create her own character, so I personally think she is a blessed person. Thanks to the people who looked at her well, she continues to be a commentator. The more she looks back on her basketball career, the more her appreciation grows.”

“Entertainment? It is still a difficult area for me.”

Q. How are you these days?
As many of you know, since I am currently in the middle of the season, I am commentating on women’s basketball on KBS N SPORTS. Since 2013, I have been teaching children at JoongAng Christian Middle School, and that is also in parallel. I am not an elite who is aiming for a career as an athlete. I think it would be right to say that I am in contact with friends who like basketball while sharing the joy of the sport. I teach about twice a week. There were also rare amateur matches, but when the corona exploded, it stopped. Personally, I also gave birth to a child. Still, since childbirth and the corona crisis overlapped at the same time, I wonder if I was able to continue this and that without any gaps.

Q. Are you still appearing on the entertainment side?
no. These days, sports stars appearing in variety shows seem to be hot content, but in my case, I haven’t appeared after ‘Playing Sister Season 2’. In the case of the older sisters who play, I did filming comfortably because it was mostly female sports players, but I’m not the type to be greedy for appearing on TV. If an offer comes from a good program, I may think about it, but right now I am satisfied with the work I am currently doing. I’m not the humorous type, and there are still many times when I’m afraid to stand in front of others. I do it when I have to, but overall my personality just enjoys being in the spotlight and I can’t do that.

Q. Celebrity blood boils, and you don’t seem to be that type.
that’s right. Because I am very embarrassed myself, I do not have the temperament to lead the atmosphere or intentionally make others explode. There is a limit to the extent to which it is appropriately adjusted from the side. Was it in 2006? I once appeared on a reality program featuring female athletes and male celebrities as a Chuseok special. I had a couple with Hong Rok-gi, a broadcaster, in the scene where we select a partner and carry out missions together. They asked me to act as a cheesy couple, but I really couldn’t do it. I almost cried. I definitely felt it then. ah… , I wasn’t born with talent (laughs)

Q. At the time of ‘Playing Sister’, you worked with various sports stars such as Park Se-ri, Nam Hyun-hee, Han Yu-mi, Kwak Min-jung, and Jeong Yoo-in. What are the characters of the members you have been with?
Seri unni, Hyunhee unnie, Yumi, Minjeongi, and Yooin all appear on the air and are not very different from the real ones. First of all, Seri unnie takes care of me carefully and is trustworthy. Should Hyunhee unni be said to be a silent, silent and strong style? Even in places where she couldn’t be seen, I got the feeling that she was working hard at everything. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve known her personally, her best friend, Yumi. She tends to talk honestly about everything without embellishment and has a little fluff, but I thought that part appealed to the viewers in a good way. Minjeong is really the mood maker! Her reaction was also quite big, and when she first went to the shoot, it felt like she embraced me when I was embarrassed and awkward. I want to say thank you so much for making her feel comfortable. There’s nothing she can’t do. I think she is not afraid of failure in this or that and boldly takes on challenges. She is one of those personalities I really envy. Now that I think about it, it seems like a really good member composition. Teamwork is important in basketball, too, and I think that’s what worked well with my unnie’s team as well.

“I would like to give a commentary based on understanding the situation rather than pointing out

. ”
(Laughs) I also want to say that this is why everyone should go according to their natural inclination or temperament. I do it when I have to, but I guess I don’t want to do it on purpose. Actually, I thought about the interview many times. The series was mostly focused on forgotten people. Or, there are often former and current leaders who have been running or are running in the field until recently. In my case, I’m not famous, but as a commentator, I have a decent face, and most of all, the players need to get attention during the season. Is it right for me to interview? I thought I would like to. In that situation, the reporter told me that the reality is that female players are receiving less attention than male players, and that it is helpful for retired players to talk about women’s basketball in various ways, which gave me courage.

Q. You were really good in the past, but now there are too many women’s basketball legends that you can’t even mention. For example, how much do fans these days know about the name Park Yang-gye, the best point guard of an era?
that’s right. I agree. In the case of teacher Park Yang-gye, he is a game supervisor, so I often see him on the field. I didn’t see him actually play because the times were different, but I heard from many seniors that he was a really good guard. It’s a pity compared to the cases in foreign countries where even players from a long time ago have records. Juniors like me don’t know much about the teacher’s play style or various parts, but fans who didn’t live in that era wouldn’t know. I hope that various records about past legends will be made into data and continue to be mentioned in articles like this.

Q. From the point of view of the commentators, which team do you think will win the women’s professional basketball this season?
I wonder if Woori Bank’s power is too overwhelming, so the possibility of winning seems very high. It’s not just the performance that’s good, but the content of the game is overwhelming. When most teams meet Woori Bank, they often fail to use their strength properly and lose one-sidedly. I wonder if not only me but many other people have the same thoughts.

Q. I wonder what it would be like if there were more teams and good players were dispersed.
I think it’s positive because the more teams there are, the bigger the women’s basketball market will be. But maybe starting with basketball, the pool of prospects is not wide, so I don’t think it will be realistically easy, and first of all, I think there should be a change in the FA system. It’s relatively better in the second round, but it’s not easy to transfer in the first FA. There may be cases that you want, but even if you don’t, there are cases where you remain as a one-club woman. From the club’s point of view, I would like to retain as many good players as possible, but I personally think about what it would be like to be free to transfer a little more to level the league.

Q. Who is the most notable player among active players?
ah… , There are too many of them. (Laughs) If I had to pick one, Danbi Kim would come to mind first. He holds both individual and team results. You yourself are hitting the peak, and the team is doing well too. I knew he was a good player from before, but I think his presence has grown even more after coming to Woori Bank. In the past, during the Shinhan Bank days, only Kim Dan-bi stood out, so it wasn’t enough to be mentioned as the championship or MVP. After transferring to Woori Bank, it seems that his name is mentioned more and more as his performance has increased along with the team’s performance.

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