Lee Kang-in surpasses ‘3 goals, 4 assists’ and wins Bronze Ball “I didn’t do it alone, I did it with my teammates”

It was a humble impression of Captain Lee Seung-won (Gangwon), who won the Bronze Ball. The U-20 national team, led by head coach Kim Eun-joong, lost 1-3 in the third to fourth place match of the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup against Israel at Laplata Stadium in Laplata, Argentina on the 12th (Korea Standard Time). Kim Eun-joong-ho sought to reach the third place, the second-highest ever, but ended the tournament in fourth place due to a disappointing decline in physical strength. The best performance of Korean football is the runner-up at the 2019 Polish Games.

Lee Seung-won scored a penalty kick goal in the 24th minute of the first half to tie 1-1. He scored with a bold Panenka kick. Lee Seung-won scored his seventh offensive point (3 goals and 4 assists) in the tournament. This is the record for the most offensive points in the men’s tournament hosted by FIFA by South Korean players, exceeding six 먹튀검증 (2 goals and 4 assists) of Lee Kang-in (Mayorka), who became the best player (golden ball) at the 2019 Polish Games. Lee Seung-won led South Korea’s good performance by scoring attack points with Altoran-like performances at every crisis, including his first goal against France in the first round of the tournament. In particular, a sharp set-piece kick shone. This is how he created four help.

In the 22nd minute of the first half, when the team was in a tight 0-0 group match against France, Kim Yong-hak’s pass and scored the first goal. He also helped Lee Young-joon score the winning goal by kicking a corner kick on the left side in the 19th minute of the second half, leading 1-0. Lee Seung-won scored offensive points in all matches except the third group match against Gambia (0-0 draw), where South Korea failed to score. Lee Seung-won, who delivered help side by side in the second group match against Honduras, the round of 16 against Ecuador, and the quarterfinals against Nigeria, was also responsible for scoring with a penalty kick in the semifinals against Italy.

After Lee Seung-won’s goal, South Korea lost consecutive points in the second half and finished in fourth place with a 1-3 loss to Israel, but Lee Seung-won left a new history. Lee Seung-won received the Bronze Ball and was recognized as the third best player in the tournament. Lee Seung-won is the third male national team player in Korean football history to win an individual award at a FIFA tournament. It is the first time that current Ulsan Hyundai coach Hong Myung-bo, who led South Korea to the semifinals at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, received a bronze ball. Lee Kang-in (Mayorka), who led South Korea to second place at the 2019 Polish Games, received the Golden Ball, the best player. Cesare Casadei (Italy), who scored seven goals in the Golden Ball, and Alan Maturo (Urughua) won the Silver Ball.

In an interview after the match, Lee Seung-won said, “It has been a difficult journey for a year and a half. “I’m grateful to the players who did well in the process of reaching the semifinals and the coaches who helped me with good guidance,” he said adding, “I’m relieved that I finished the World Cup well without regret.” “It’s an honor to receive such an award on the stage of the World Cup,” he said adding, “I think it’s an achievement not just by myself but with my colleagues, and I want to congratulate my colleagues as much as I represented the players.” He also said, “I was able to bring such good results thanks to the sacrifice and help of my colleagues.”

Lee Seung-won wore the captain’s armband for the tournament. He led the ‘one team’ by taking a heavy balance inside and outside the stadium. Even his leadership shone. He missed the final, but he didn’t give up until the end. Lee Seung-won said, “Before today’s game with my teammates, let’s solve everything we have accumulated, personally and as a team.” “I played without regret, and I think my teammates will do the same,” he said adding, “Afterwards, I said, ‘Let’s raise our heads and proudly return to Korea.'” “This tournament has been a good experience and stepping stone for all the players,” he said adding, “If you work hard for development in your respective teams, you will be able to meet again.”

Lee Seung-won was not satisfied with the results of the tournament. Promised a higher leap. Lee Seung-won said, “I think I felt with my body that there are many really good players in the world. “I have learned a lot from running into them,” he said. “I want to be a player who will contribute to Korean football at the Asian Games, Olympics, and adult stages by refining what I felt this time and the strengths I will save.”

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