LG takes the lead after chasing KT, ‘75.8% probability of winning’ 70 wins, 1 win until first come first served

The LG Twins, the leader in professional baseball, solidified their dominance again by winning a winning series against the second-place KT Wiz. LG, which has overcome a major hurdle, is one step closer to winning the regular season with only one win remaining despite reaching 70 wins.

In the KBO League away game against KT held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 7th, LG hit 14 hits, including 2 home runs, and won 11-4.

LG, which recorded 2 wins and 1 loss in the three-game series in Suwon, maintained its lead with 69 wins, 2 draws, and 44 losses. The lead against KT (64 wins, 2 draws, 52 losses) was 6.5 games. The gap is also large with 3rd place NC Dinos (60 wins, 2 draws, 51 losses), 4th place SSG Landers (61 wins, 1 draw, 53 losses), and 5th place KIA Tigers (57 wins, 2 draws, 51 losses).

This three-game series in Suwon was considered the biggest challenge for LG. LG maintained its first place, but it faltered from the end of August and performed poorly with 2 wins and 5 losses in 7 games just before meeting KT. If they had been swept by KT, the distance would have been narrowed to 2.5 games, which could have darkened their prospects for winning.

However, LG achieved its desired results and moved one step further from KT’s pursuit. It is not easy for KT to overturn the 6.5-game gap in the remaining 26 games.

LG is only one win away from reaching 70 wins. 70 wins is also very closely related to winning the regular season.바카라사이트

The probability of a team with 70 wins in history winning the regular season was a whopping 75.8% (25 out of 33 times, excluding the early and late leagues and the two major leagues). KT in 2021 and SSG Landers in 2022 also achieved 70 wins first, then gained momentum and won the regular league championship, and further achieved a combined championship in the Korean Series.

LG has never finished first in a regular league race since 1994, when it won its second overall championship. If you add one win and reach 70 wins first, the possibility becomes much greater.

The team with the most wins after LG is KT, and they need 6 wins to reach 70 wins.

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