Lillard’s answer to the serious sluggishness of ’10G 8 losses’ “Creating a new game? I have no idea”

The Portland Trail Blazers lost 106-109 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season Orlando Magic held at the Portland Moda Center on the 11th (hereinafter Korean time).

Portland struggled with Damian Lillard scoring 30 points, but could not prevent defeat. It was painful to see Lillard (2/12) and the entire team suffer from serious 3-point shooting (6/35). They pursued fiercely until the end of the fourth quarter, but in the end, they could not turn the game around.

Portland’s sluggishness, which once rose to the top of the Western Conference, is not unusual. Portland, which has only 2 wins and 8 losses in the last 10 games,토토사이트 fell into a 4-game losing streak with the loss that day.

The reason why other strong players have slowed down is because there are injury issues of key players, but Portland is not like that, so it is more serious. None of Portland’s starting lineups have been off the court for long with a recent injury.

Portland is 13th in offensive rating (114.1) and 16th in defensive rating (114.0) this season. It means that there is no part that falls significantly from the league average level, but in other words, there is no special advantage.

The league-leading offense that kept sending them to the playoffs has blunted. In the case of Lillard, the unrivaled ace, he is still struggling, but recently, his field goal efficiency has plummeted, and Lillard’s new backcourt partner Anfernie Simons has severe ups and downs, making him less stable. Nor is Portland a team that can win on defense.

Coach Chauncey Billups is also unable to find an answer to the problem easily. After the game, Coach Billups said, “We have a little problem. I don’t know what the problem is. That’s why I can’t pinpoint it.”

With this loss, Portland (19-21) dropped to 11th in the Western Conference. A situation where there is nowhere to retreat. Ace Lillard showed a firm will to win.

“It’s our job to keep pushing and believing,” Lillard said. “And that’s the way out of a crisis. If we reflect on ourselves and don’t give up and don’t make excuses, a brighter day will come. That’s how things work out.”

He added, “I’m on this team right now. That’s why I won’t completely break the current member composition and make a new version. I can tell you right now. That’s not an option we think.”

Portland in crisis will try to escape its losing streak against Cleveland on the 13th. Can a beleaguered Portland survive the crisis?

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