‘National retirement declaration’ captain, now I can say “I thought we were the same baseball player…”

Kim Hyun-soo (35, LG), who announced his retirement from the national team at the end of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), revealed his regret for some baseball seniors.

For Kim Hyun-soo, who is already in his mid-30s, this WBC was his 10th international tournament. However, his 10th international tournament came to an unfortunate end as the national team was eliminated in the first round.

The national team won a 22-2 cold game victory over China in the final match of the first round of the 2023 WBC held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 13th. However, they failed to advance to the second round (quarterfinals) by staying in third place (2 wins, 2 losses) in the group.

Captain Kim Hyun-soo felt a heavy sense of responsibility for the team’s elimination in the first round. After the game, he said, “All the players prepared well, but it’s a pity that they couldn’t show their skills.”

It was his 10th international competition, but his nervousness was evident. Kim Hyun-soo said, “I tried to create a comfortable atmosphere (for the juniors), but I was nervous from the first game,” and blamed himself, saying, “(I) showed nervousness, so the players seemed to be very nervous.”

Kim Hyun-soo announced his retirement from the national team after this tournament. He said, “I had good results and there were many 토토사이트 happy moments, but it is a situation where better players can come out than me.” “I am old now, and I think younger players will do better.

Regarding the moment when he wore the Taegeuk mark and ran, he said, “When I was young, I played baseball without thinking, but now I feel a lot of pressure.” I’m sorry.” He bowed his head.

The results of this tournament were disappointing, but there were fans who supported them until the end. But there were also many critics.

In response, Kim Hyun-soo confessed, “I always heard a lot of words of comfort from seniors who came out a lot on the national team. But it seems that there are also people who are not.” It is interpreted as a response to criticism from some baseball players after the recent 13-4 loss in the Korea-Japan match.

Lastly, regarding the direction the national team should go, Kim Hyun-soo said, “First of all, the players have to shake off the burden. I think it’s important to create an environment where they can enjoy instead of the pressure that they can’t win if they can’t win.” He then raised his voice, saying, “Seniors must help juniors do well.”

Kim Hyun-soo, who led the glory moments of Korean baseball, such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics 9-game winning gold medal, the 2009 WBC runner-up, and the 2014 Incheon Asian Games gold medal. Because it is such Kim Hyun-soo, the Taegeuk mark farewell speech gives a more heavy resonance.

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