‘New York, New York!’ 1st and 2nd place in payroll, Mets and Yankees ‘Subway World Series’ collapse… Probability of winning the World Series is 0.1% each

At the start of this season, the New York Mets had a payroll of $344 million, which ranked first overall. In second place were the New York Yankees at $279 million.

Before the season, New York fans expected the so-called ‘Subway Series’ where the two teams would meet in the World Series.

But that hope turned to despair. This is because neither team could win a wild card, let alone the World Series. Arithmetically, there is still a possibility, but both teams are in the mood to give up.

As of the 18th (Korean time), the Mets are in 4th place in the National League East Division with 56 wins and 66 losses. The Washington Nationals are fighting to escape last place. They are 24 games behind the leading Atlanta Braves. It is 7 games behind the wild card Maginot Line team. With 40 games left, catching up is virtually impossible.

According to Fangraphs, the Mets’ odds of making the playoffs are 1.4%. The odds of winning the World Series are 0.1%.스포츠토토

The Yankees are 60-61, last in the American League East Division. The difference between the first place and the Baltimore Orioles is 14. The gap with the wild card 3rd place team is 6.5 games. It is also not easy to catch up.

Fangraphs projected the Yankees’ odds of making the playoffs at 2.6%. The odds of winning the World Series are 0.1%.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves’ odds of winning the World Series are the highest at 25.3%.

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