“Nihao China” Ronaldo Visits China for the First Time in 5 Years… With 51 GoAT goals this year alone

Cristiano Ronaldo will join Al Nasr on a tour of China.

Al-Nasr greeted his Chinese fans through his club channel on Monday (Korea time). They will visit China in January next year and play two friendly matches against Shanghai Shenhua on Wednesday and Sichuan Djiniu on Wednesday. Star players including Ronaldo personally promoted their tour in China.

Ronaldo, who appeared in the video first on behalf of Al-Nasr, said, “Nihao China,” before adding, “Are you ready? Al-Nasr is coming,” expressing expectations for his upcoming visit day by day.

The GST Honor Tour, which planned Al Nasr’s visit to China along with Ronaldo’s video, officially announced that “The Glory Soccer Tour 2024 Al Nasr China Tour will be launched in January. It will be a high-quality event with two friendly matches involving Ronaldo.”

Ronaldo is definitely the core of Al-Nasr’s tour in China. Taking advantage of Ronaldo’s star quality, a Saudi Arabian club decided on a tour against an Asian country. Al-Nasr, who visited Japan as part of a pre-season last summer, began to exert influence in East Asia with Ronaldo showing explosive popularity in China. 랭크카지노

Ronaldo will visit China for the first time in five years. He previously visited China in 2011, 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Chinese media Sina Sports, which is waiting for Ronaldo, said, “The core of this tour is Ronaldo. It is a big factor that has helped Al-Nasr become the most popular club in Asia and Saudi Arabia.”

Ronaldo, a pioneer who brought European stars to Saudi Arabia, is still playing well even at the age of 38. He also scored one goal and one assist in the 18th round at RT Park held two days ago. In this season alone, he garnered 21 goals and 11 assists in 23 official matches.

Ronaldo, who is constantly showing his true value, has scored 51 goals and 15 assists for the Portuguese national team in 2023. With two more matches to play this year, Ronaldo has increased his chances of winning the 2023 scoring title against Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), Kylian Mbappe (Paris Saint-Germain, 52 goals) and Erling Holland (Manchester City).

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