‘Notice sub ace bang!’ 24-year-olds of the same age + handsome rivals… Coat-heated pride confrontation

Jangchung Gymnasium on the 10th. During the 4th set, Woori Card Kim Ji-han (24) aimed at the opponent’s court with her fingers before serving. At the end of it was KEPCO Lim Seong-jin (24), a ‘friend of the same age’.

The two were wearing the same uniforms at the Suncheon Dodram Cup in August last year. Kim Ji-han, who returned from military service, played a big role in the cup competition and brought KEPCO to the final.

However, KEPCO felt the need to reinforce the setter, and in August, Kim Ji-han and Oh Jae-seong were sent to Woori Card, and Ha Seung-woo and Jang Ji-won were recruited instead. Friends became enemies.

Lim Seong-jin is a geopo resource called the future of Korean volleyball, along with Korean Air Lim Dong-hyuk. Kim Ji-han also showed off her skills to the fullest this season by taking on the apogee while Andrich and Agamez were out due to injuries.

The confrontation that day was a match in which the rivalry between the two stood out. In particular, in the 4th set, a confrontation aimed at each other unfolded as if it had been promised.

KEPCO fell behind 15-18. Kim Ji-han got the chance to serve first. Lim Seong-jin could not catch Kim Ji-han’s powerful serve and bit his lip. Kim Ji-han, who was preparing for the next serve, blatantly pointed at Seong-jin Lim and predicted the ace of the serve, and after inserting it into the KEPCO court, he roared.

Then, in 17-21, Lim Seong-jin had a chance to serve. Lim Seong-jin paid back with two consecutive sub-aces. Both times, he aimed precisely at Kim Ji-han. Seong-Jin Lim drove the game into chaos by recording a sub-ace again after KEPCO added 1 point thanks to KEPCO Cho’s blocking, tying the score 21-21.

It was Lim Seong-jin who had the last laugh. KEPCO lost 4 sets, but through this atmosphere reversal, won 5 sets and ended a 9-game losing streak.

Im Seong-jin, whom I met after the game, said, “I can do it, I just kept saying to myself, I really wanted to win.”

Regarding the situation of the ‘Pre-Notice Serve’, he said, “I ate two in a row. It was rather stimulating. I hit it after making up my mind.” It was a seat,” he said.

Friend but enemy Lim Seong-jin laughed, saying, “Kim Ji-han is still in the cell phone game (League of Legends TFT) chat room. Sometimes they say provocative things to each other. Isn’t it a good competition?”

In the year of the black rabbit, they are two stars of the year of the rabbit. Im Seong-jin emphasized, “I want to play this season happily and happily. Ha Seung-woo also praised, “(Lim) Seong-jin is very good at attack these days, so I have confidence in him. (Since the opponent is focusing on Thais), there are few checks, so I put it up to my heart’s content.”

It is usually an introverted and timid style. This is why director Kwon Young-min always emphasizes ‘do it boldly’. It’s not easy to change my personality, but I’m improving step by step.

He also gained experience in international competitions by participating in the off-season Challenger Cup and AVC Cup. Thanks to his shining appearance, he has a considerable fandom not only in Korea but also abroad.

“I am so grateful to the fans who did not give up and came despite the long losing streak. I will try to keep winning streaks in the future.” 온라인카지노

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