onsei University Shinbaram 2 consecutive victories, Dongyang University 5-1 victory

On the 13th, Yonsei University won 5-1 in the second round of the Tongyeong-gi group stage against Dongyang University held at Sanyang Sports Park 6 in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do. Park Ji-sang, Ha Jae-min, Park Kun-hee, and Hwang Seung-woo scored consecutive goals to win. In addition, the opponent’s own goal was added to achieve a great victory. Yonsei University won two consecutive wins after catching Daeshin University (3-2 win) in the first game.

In addition, Halla, Hannam, Seonmun, Catholic Kwandong, Jeonju, and Donga University ran for two consecutive victories. Honam, Kyunghee, Gimhae, Kwangwoon, Dongguk, Jungwon, Chodang, Soongsil, Gumi, Jeonju, and Daegu Arts University continued their hopes of advancing to the tournament with their first victory. 온라인바카라

◇The 59th Spring University Football Federation Tongyeonggi Preliminary Day 2 (13th)

Honam University 5-0 Korea Golf University

Kyunghee University 4-3 Mungyeong University Gimhae

University 2-1 Korea International University

Sunmoon University 2-0 Nambu University

Catholic Kwandong 3-0 Suseong University

Kwangwoon University 3- 1 Gwangju University

Ajou University 2-2 Kimcheon

University Jeonju University 2-1 Full Gospel Assembly

Dongguk University 4-1 Kyungmin

University Yonsei University 5-1 Dongyang University

Dongwon University of Science 1-1 Chosun University of Science and Technology Jungwon University

3-0 Sinseong University Halla

University 4-0 Busan University of Foreign Studies

Hannam University 2-1 Kyungil University

Chodang University 1 -0 Yeoju University

Soongsil University 1-0 Incheon University

Gumi University 7-2 Dongwon University

Kyonggi University 0-0 Jeonnam University of Science

Jeonju Jeondae University 4-1 Daeshin University

Donga University 3-0 Sekyung University

Daegu University of the Arts 4-1 Songho University

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