‘Park Ji-soo, Kim Min-jung pushed’ KB Stars overpowered BNK and started pursuing 4th place

Park Ji-soo’s play now gives off the scent of last season. KB Stars also continued their fight to advance to the playoffs by defeating 2nd place BNK thanks to Park Ji-soo’s performance.

Cheongju KB Stars won 62-61 in the away game of Busan BNK Some and Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 20th. Through this victory, KB Stars narrowed the gap with Shinhan Bank in 4th place to 3.5 games.

For KB Stars, Park Ji-soo (15 points and 13 rebounds) showed power. Kim Min-jeong (10 points) and Kang I-seul (14 points) played well in the second half. Heo Ye-eun’s 6 assists also led to valuable points from her colleagues.

KB Stars faced BNK for the first time after Park Ji-soo returned. Park Ji-soo’s comeback against BNK, who had a strong base of goal, must have felt like a battle against KB Stars. KB Stars coach Kim Wan-soo also predicted a war under the goal before the game, saying, “(Park) Ji-soo has returned, so of course there is a difference.”

KB Stars, who had to use Park Ji-soo’s presence somehow, put Ji-soo Park in with 5 minutes and 47 seconds left in the first quarter. In the first quarter, Park Ji-soo’s presence was minimal. In the attack, he showed a struggle against Kim Han-byul, and the mid-range Yatoo, which he attempted while being pushed back, ignored the rim. Naturally, KB Stars finished the first quarter with a score of 6 points (10-16).

Nevertheless, it did not take long for Park Ji-soo to reveal his presence. Entering the second quarter, KB Stars effectively used 2-3 area defense and 1-3-1 area defense. Park Ji-soo showed power in regional defense, and also blocked Lee So-hee’s breakthrough.

Perhaps it was because of the intensity of the block, but BNK players gradually began to be aware of Park Ji-soo’s existence. He also committed a turnover and missed a series of easy scoring opportunities under the goal. In the meantime, KB Stars returned the game to the starting point (23-23) with Park Ji-soo’s free throw and Kang I-seul’s 3-point shot.

KB Stars overturned the game with Yeom Yoon-ah’s mid-range shot scoring (27-25). KB Stars players who gained confidence did not let go of the initiative even while Park Ji-soo stayed on the bench. KB Stars finished the first half tied (29-29) with Huh Ye-eun’s 2-2 attack and a breakthrough score.

KB Stars, who gained momentum, continued the good atmosphere in the second half. As soon as the second half started, Park Ji-soo’s mid-range shot, Kim Min-jung’s shot below the goal, and 3-point shot were tied together for a 7-0 run (36-29). Park Ji-soo threw himself in the process and showed fighting spirit to protect the right to attack.

KB Stars’ regional defense also showed its power, and BNK’s forced 3-point shot went off the rim. Good defense leads to good offense. In the fast break, Sim Seong-yeong put in a 3-point shot to cheer up the atmosphere, and Yeom Yoon-ah calmly succeeded in all free throws, widening the score to double digits (45-35) for the first time in this game.

There was also a crisis in the 4th quarter. KB Stars faltered by allowing Lee So-hee to make three-point shots in a row, and collapsed rapidly when Park Ji-soo failed to score in an attack. In the end, KB Stars allowed a comeback (49-51), and the game entered the match. 카지노사이트

It was KB Stars who laughed first in the match. KB Stars took advantage of the loophole in the opponent’s rotation, and Kim Min-jung and Kang I-seul put in a 3-point shot. He gave Jinan a quick break, but Kang Iseul made all the free throws with 55 seconds left in the game, widening the score to 4 points (60-56).

It seemed that KB Stars would take the victory easily, but Han Eom-ji’s 3-point shot and Jin-an’s goal were allowed to turn around. Nevertheless, the victory belonged to KB Stars. Kim Min-jung succeeded in scoring under the goal with 2 seconds left to end the game, turning the game around again (62-61).

On the other hand, BNK pursued Lee So-hee (19 points) with a great performance in the 4th quarter, but bowed her head in the match.

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