‘Park Jin-man’s man?’ It’s already in the past tense, we have to win the competition in front of us

In the second half of last year, Samsung infielder Kang Han-wool’s nickname was ‘Park Jin-man’s man’.

This is because after manager Park Jin-man took office as acting manager last year, he commanded the infield wielding a fire bat.

Kang Han-wool’s batting average in the first half was only 0.241, but in the second half he posted an outstanding 0.371. Acting Park was a player who was a great help in solving the game. Acting director Park Jin-man expressed his gratitude to Kang Han-ul whenever he had a chance.

The start of the season was also expected to be very smooth. It was said that because of what he showed last year, Park Jin-man, who became the manager, would naturally use Kang Han-wool.

However, director Park Jin-man had a different idea. Last year’s performance was already in the past, and I didn’t know what would happen tomorrow.

Coach Park said, “I think it will be a great help to the team if we do it again like last year. But baseball isn’t that simple. Even if it shines for a while, it can subside at any time. Kang Han-wool is now at the starting line again. You will be able to defend your position only when you overcome the competition in front of you.” 카지노

In theory, it seems that Kang Han-wool could be given more opportunities.

It is Samsung that sent away shortstop agents Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin as free agents. Now, rookie-level Lee Jae-hyeon should take over as the starting shortstop.

Second base, played by Kim Ji-chan, cannot be said to be rich in experience. There can be holes in the defense at any time. Kang Han-wool in the second half of last year can hit a spot.

Kang Han-wool can be said to be a card that can give a sense of stability to the inexperienced Samsung infield.

However, director Park Jin-man is not giving a definitive answer. Although he believes in strong wool, he makes it clear that he will not blindly use it unless it clearly outperforms the competition.

It is also because it is symbolic. It is Kang Han-wool who received so much affection that he was called ‘Park Jin-man’s man’. Coach Park thinks that he needs to treat Kang Han-ul more calmly so that other players can do their best under the flag of fairness.

If Kang Han-wool is given special treatment, coach Park Jin-man’s declaration that he will decide the starting pitcher through a thorough competitive structure may sound empty. Perhaps this is why he is trying to take a more calm stance towards Kang Han-ul.

Will Samsung be able to paint a picture of finding its place one by one in the overall competitive landscape as Park wants? If even Kang Han-wool, who was called ‘Park Jin-man’s man’, has to worry about his position, it can be said that Park’s intention fits well.

Head coach Park Jin-man dreams of running an ideal team where everyone starts at the same starting line. If Kang Han-ul can be used fairly, Park’s plan can be a season that fits more than 100%.

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