Petage-Machado-Bogatz The next 10-year contract is Kim Ha-seong? 36 year old Darvish did it for 6 years

 San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong’s run in the second half is fierce.

He reestablished himself as the player with the highest team contribution in the National League (NL). Kim Ha-seong played as a leadoff against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 5th and recorded 2 hits and 1 walk in 4 at-bats. He was also mobile, putting up two stolen bases. The team lost 5-10, but Kim Ha-sung’s performance shined in all of the airlifting runs.

As of this day, the batting average is 0.287 (100 hits in 349 bats), 15 home runs, 41 RBIs, 60 runs, on-base percentage 0.382, slugging percentage 0.458, OPS 0.841, OPS + 136. He ranks eighth in the NL in batting average, tied for fifth in steals, tied for 22nd in runs scored, and 17th in OPS.

However, in the second half, his batting average is 0.392, second only to Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman (0.421), third in on-base percentage (0.500), and sixth in OPS (1.135). Baseball reference WAR is 5.6, leading the NL. Atlanta Braves Ronald Acuña Jr. is also 5.6, but Kim Ha-seong is ahead in the second decimal place.

In particular, he is currently on multi-hit streak in three consecutive games and multi-on-base streak for 12 consecutive games. He stole 8 bases in the second half alone. San Diego’s scoring ability, with Kim Ha-sung as the leadoff, improved markedly compared to the first half. The score per game improved by 0.89 points from 4.46 points in the first half to 5.35 points in the second half. It is thanks to the great performance of lead-off Kim Ha-sung.

Considering not only his main position of second base, but also his defensive ability to handle third base and shortstop in all weathers, this is a historically rare lead-off.

San Diego lost 54-56 with the loss on the day, and the winning rate deteriorated to 0.491. Now, there is talk of giving up on advancing to the playoffs. The ride against the Cincinnati Reds, third in the NL wild card, is 3.5 games. Even after the trade deadline has passed, it is difficult to narrow the 3-4 game gap.

Of course, San Diego will not give up hope of fall baseball until the end of the season. How did the power reinforcement work, which started in earnest with the recruitment of Kim Ha-seong in December 2019, was carried out, but it is impossible to fold the race with two months left until the end of the season.

Even if it doesn’t make it to the postseason this year, San Diego has no choice but to activate the ‘win now’ mode next year. After this season, it is very likely that Kim Ha-sung’s contract extension will emerge as an issue.메이저사이트

Ha-seong Kim signed a contract for 4 years and 28 million dollars, and in 2025, the 5th year, he put a mutual option on an annual salary of 7 million dollars and a buyout of 2 million dollars. If it is the same performance as this season, this option is meaningless. Even if San Diego executes the option, you have to shake it off and go to the market. In other words, you can become a free agent after the season next year.

The club will also take this into account. So, I will negotiate an extension contract, but that point is this winter, and it should be completed before next summer at the latest.

Of course, the biggest concern is Kim Ha-sung’s ransom. Kim Ha-seong was born in October 1995 and is not yet 28 years old. It is the 28-year-old season next year when negotiations for an extension contract will take place. He is also checking his health during the two seasons last year and this year. His defensive power was already recognized last season, and this year, even his bat skill has improved since June. He has developed into an all-around player with quick feet, power, defense and accuracy.

That metric is WAR, and they are fighting for first and second place in the NL. A 10-year contract is not unreasonable. San Diego gave 36-year-old ‘pitcher’ Darvish a six-year contract in February.

The players that San Diego signed a long-term contract for more than 5 years are Fernando Tatis Jr. (14 years, $340 million), Zander Bogatz (11 years, $280 million), Darvish Yu (6 years, $108 million), and Joe. Musgrove (5 years, $100 million), Robert Suarez (5 years, $46 million), Manny Machado (10 years, $350 million), and Jake Cronenworth (7 years, $80 million).

Ha-seong Kim will soon join this ranks. An annual average of $20 million or more is sufficient.

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