‘Peter’ Jung Yun-soo, in a messy bottom meta? The culprit…

Nongshim Red Force, which became a hot topic by calling up all the players from the previous Stove League, Team 2. In the match against DRX on the 27th, they showed outstanding performance and succeeded in securing their first sweet victory. After the match, we had a brief interview with Nongshim supporter Jung “Peter” Yoon-soo. ‘Peter’ recalled last year, “Last year I didn’t know anything, but now I’ve grown a lot towards management.”

We also talked about the dizzying supporter meta with ‘Peter’. If you’re curious about the story behind Kaitlyn and Ashe’s conversion as supporters of long-distance dealers, and Jerry, who continues to shine in the LCK by keeping his perseverance amidst this chaos, check out the video right now!

Q. Nongshim reported their first win in the LCK this season. Let’s start with the feeling of winning the match.

I thought we would always win the first set today, but I was embarrassed because we lost, but I think everyone did well in the 2nd and 3rd sets because there are things that we have endured and endured so far. I feel very good because I think I won the game perfectly.

Q. As you said, Nongshim was in a very advantageous situation in the early and middle stages even in the first set where they lost. What do you think was the reason for losing the first set?

It seems that when the moment we could win came, it got twisted a lot. I wonder if our mistakes came out three or four times and we lost.

Q. On the other hand, the 2nd and 3rd sets showed clear victories.

After the first set, the manager and coaches told us we were doing better. In fact, the results of the practice game were much better, so we played the game with confidence, thinking that if we could do the same composition one more time, we could win.

Q. In fact, it feels like your performance has improved a lot. What are some improvements compared to last year?

I think I really didn’t know anything last year. However, I learned a lot about management after I went to District 2 last year. Some critics say that our team has good teamwork, so our performance comes out, but I absolutely don’t think so. I think my form has improved a lot because we, as well as the directors and coaches, are paying a lot of attention to management.

Q. Caitlyn’s supporter appeared in the LCK recently and became a hot topic. In addition to Caitlyn, marksman champions such as Ash and Jin are appearing as supports. What do you think is the reason that marksman dealers can appear as supports like this?

I think the Blade of Blades rune itself is a lot of cheating in the early game. Because of the rain of blades, it seems that ranged dealers are coming out as supports. Fortresses can’t be recovered once the bottom explodes, so if you go hard in the beginning and take the initiative, you can win the jungle fight.

Depending on the composition, the Ash or Caitlyn support can make the opponent lose EXP from level 1, so I think a patch should be made quickly.

Q. In solo queue, there are opinions that the upper body should be too lethargic when the bottom explodes, and from the perspective of the upper body, it has become a bottom draw meta. I’m curious about what ‘Peter’ felt from the position of playing solo queue.

I don’t agree with that. It is true that the bottom side wins the game, but I think the role of the jungle is very important in that. Jungle’s discretion seems to be the most important thing, as there are far more good situations if the jungler hits the botton than if he eats two or three camps.

Q. In the end, there is a problem that the bottom snowball has too much influence on the game. What patches are needed to improve this deformed meta?

If I play as a tank support, if the opponent brings two blades with Varus-Ash, I don’t get any EXP and just get beaten to death. I think it’s an overbalance to not be able to get out of the lane to the point where I can’t even get experience points at level 1. It seems that marksman champions like Ashe, who appear frequently now, need a patch. 메이저놀이터

Q. Even so, Jerry is steadily appearing in the LCK. Is there a reason why Jerry appears consistently in the meta where early leadership is important?

I think the reason Jerry comes to the tournament is because of scrims. From the moment Jerry gets a kill, the game becomes unanswered. So even if you hold on a little in the beginning, if you get one kill, it seems that from that moment on, the opponent can’t turn around, so it seems to come out.

Q. It’s already time to finish the interview. If there are any last words you would like to say, feel free to do so.

We are really working hard and growing in many areas, so it would be appreciated if you continue to watch over us. There may be times when we are shaken, but we are not broken and we are all doing our best while maintaining our mentality, so I would appreciate it if you would always support us.

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