President of the French Football Federation, who was hated by ‘Zidane Mushi-sexual harassment allegation’, eventually resigned

The president of the French Football Federation (FFF), who has made remarks disrespecting ‘French football legend’ Zinedine Zidane (50) and is even suspected of sexual harassment, has resigned.

FFF said in a statement on the 11th (local time) that Noël LeGraet (81), chairman, will step down as chairman until the French government’s audit is over.

Vice-President Philippe Diallo takes over as interim president.

Le Grae took office in 2011 and served until 2024. However, he brought criticism upon himself by making offensive remarks about ‘French football legend’ Zidane. Zidane was a key player in helping France win the trophy in the 1998 World Cup. 온라인카지노

In an interview with ‘RMC Radio’ on the 8th, former chairman Le Grae received a question related to Zidane, who was once mentioned as the coach of the French national team. It was by chance that Zidane made a separate phone call.

In response, he said, “I wouldn’t have picked up the phone even if it came. He doesn’t care about him,” he said. It is a part that can be seen as making a rude remark to Zidane, who was still.

Upon hearing this news, some French national team players criticized former president Le Gras.

When the atmosphere turned unusual, former chairman Le Grae apologized, saying, “I made a remark that could cause misunderstanding,” but he still kept a cold gaze toward him.

Prior to this, it was revealed that former chairman Le Grae had molested FFF female employees. While the related investigation is ongoing, he has not admitted to the charges.

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