‘Repeated 0-3 defeats between Korea and Japan’ worth pondering over the decision controversy

 It is time to criticize the controversy over the final judgment that lowered the status of the ‘2023 AFC U-17 Asian Cup’, but discuss the results of the Korea-Japan match that were accepted after the game was over.메이저도메인

The Republic of Korea U-17 soccer team, led by head coach Byeon Seong-hwan, lost 3 goals to 3 goals after defender Ko Jong-hyun was sent off in the 43rd minute of the first half in the final against Japan held at Pathum Thani Stadium in Thailand on the 2nd (Korean time). . After the U-17 Asian Cup in 2002, he aimed for the third championship title in 21 years and in his career, but stayed in runner-up. They had to be content with qualifying for the FIFA U-17 World Cup, given to the top four teams in the tournament.

This final gave birth to many words. In the process of Japanese striker Nawata scoring the winning goal with a free kick during extra time in the first half, controversy erupted among domestic fans that the point where Ko Jong-hyun fouled and the point where the free kick was taken was different. If you look at the actual video, Nawata advanced the free kick position by about 5m. The Korean player was tripped twice in the box by an opponent, once in each half, but referee Mongkolchai Pechisri from Thailand did not call a foul. Since the video review system (VAR) is not operating in this tournament, there was no way to reverse the decision of the referee Pechisri. Coach Byeon, who received a warning for protesting the decision, did not hide his regret about the game management. It was also revealed through domestic media coverage that the referee was the de facto ‘Japanese exclusive referee’ who oversaw 4 out of 6 matches in Japan. Through a meticulous review of the competition, it seems that it is an issue that requires follow-up measures at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) level.

Even if the Pechisri referee is punished, the important thing is that the result of the day will not change. It is true that Korea was once again blocked by the wall of Japan. Korea started with a 0-3 defeat in the A match friendly held in Yokohama, Japan in March 2021, the U-16 International Dream Cup in June 2022, the AFC U-23 Asian Cup in the same month, and the EAFF E-1 Championship in July ( Adult) and lost 5 games in a row with the same 0-3 score for 2 years and 3 months until today, and got an unexpected jinx. This is the opposite of winning all the previous four matches. In the field of soccer, there has been a voice of crisis for several years, saying, ‘This is going to be reversed by Japan’. In the meantime, as Korea defeated Japan in important tournaments such as the finals of the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games and the round of 16 of the U-20 World Cup, the saying ‘we don’t lose as much as the match between Korea and Japan’ passed as ‘truth’. However, these voices are gradually losing their power as they have been pushed back in both content and results in recent competitions by age group. There are not a few experts warning that the gap between the two countries will widen in the future.

National team midfielder Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos), whom we met at Incheon International Airport on the 3rd, insisted that we accept the reality and find a solution within it. He said, “It is a player’s pride to have a bad result in the match between Korea and Japan. It is not a matter of regret, but we should pay attention to what efforts Japan has made to play good football and produce good players. I heard that they have been working hard for the development of soccer for decades. If all the players who have experienced the J-League praise the Japanese system, there must be a reason for that. The difference in broadcasting rights is also huge. We have to accept the reality to some extent. Effective in this reality Everyone should make an effort to produce players or develop the system. There is nothing that Korea can’t do.” He also said, “The 17-year-old players lost to Japan yesterday and the ‘good process’ shown so far should not get attention,” he said, and said that he needed unchanging support so that the junior Taegeuk Warriors could play good football at the U-20 World Cup in November.

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