“Ronaldo, obsessed with Messi for the rest of his life, suffers”

West Ham United vice-president Karen Brady slammed Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr).

On the 28th (Korean time), Brady pointed out that Ronaldo was full of her conceit through her column contributed to the British media ‘The Sun’.

Brady, she said, ‘Ronaldo is by no means a special star. What he says is full of conceit,’ she said, expressing an uncomfortable view.

Brady described Ronaldo as ‘Robinson Crusoe who earns £3m a week in Saudi Arabia’.

In response, she said, ‘Ronaldo earns more than the salaries of Kylian Mbappe, Lionel Messi and Kevin Debra Winner combined. Ronaldo’s annual salary is 7 times that of Debra Winer. So, is Ronaldo 7 times better than Debra Winer? No,’ he said.

Brady said Ronaldo is currently in a supernova state. A supernova is the final stage of stellar evolution. Just before the star reaches the end of its life, it explodes with an incredibly bright flash of light. It was sarcastic that Ronaldo was in the middle of securing his share right before his retirement.

She also affirmed that he would not advance further in his career. 메이저놀이터

“The opportunity to build a reputation to rival Pelena Messi appears to be gone,” Brady said. Pele has won the World Cup three times. Messi has 7 Ballon d’Or. What does Ronaldo do to develop football while receiving this huge amount? He is accelerating the widening gap between rich and poor football clubs,’ she noted.

“It is difficult for Ronaldo to show his best skills now. Reaction and speed slowed down. At Manchester United, he thought it was okay for him to break the rules and rebel against manager Erik ten Haag. He even added a TV interview insulting Manchester United. As a result, the manager won. Ronaldo is out,” he said, revealing his past activities.

After leaving Manchester United, Ronaldo signed a contract with Al Nasr. Ronaldo also ended his relationship with agent Jorge Mendes, who dissuaded him from a feud with Manchester United. Upon joining Al Nasr, Ronaldo fell into narcissism, saying, “This contract is special. It is because I am a special star. It is not special for a special star to sign a special contract.”

Even after saying this, Brady said, ‘Neither Messi nor Pele would say such a thing. Ronaldo is always obsessed with Messi and it’s painful.”

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