‘Score’ Coach Dong-bin Koh, lost in the T1 match? “The power itself is not pushed… ‘Face’ is a friend with great potential”

On the 21st, at the LCK Arena located in Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2022 LCK Spring’ regular season, DRX vs. Gen.G, took place.

On this day, Gen.G was ahead of DRX in all aspects of the game, such as laning and teamfights, and took a clean 2:0 victory.

In an interview with the winning team after the game, head coach Koh Dong-bin said, “It was the last game before the Lunar New Year holiday, so I think I can spend a pleasant vacation.” “Face” Kim Soo-hwan said, “It feels good to have my first win in the LCK.”

Gen.G met T1 in the opening game and lost one. Regarding this, coach Goh confessed, “We lost because we made a few mistakes, but internally, I don’t think the team’s power itself is being pushed back. (The match against T1) was a time to refine things like strategy and ban-picks.” .

Kim Soo-hwan, who went to the sideline item tree as Jin in the first set, said, “I’ve seen someone go to Kraken as Jin, but (I) never tried it, so I didn’t try. It’s good, and it’s because I think I’ll win even if I only use the bow in the game.” 스포츠토토

Regarding the composition of Lucian-Nami vs. Jerry-Yumi, he said, “I think Jerry is better if there is only a teamfight composition that Jerry can hit.”

Even though Caitlyn was released during the 1st set ban pick process, both DRX and Gen.G chose another ranged dealer other than Caitlyn. When asked why, coach Goh replied, “When I gave Varus as a ban-pick (to the opposing team), choosing Jin rather than Caitlyn seemed like a way to showcase a variety of combinations.”

Lastly, coach Go evaluated Soo-hwan Kim, who is performing well, as “a friend with great potential” and said, “(Su-hwan) has many advantages, but he is physically good because he is young. Also, if you listen to his voice during competitions, He doesn’t seem to be nervous at all.”

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