Seongnam FC conducts youth open tests for U12 and U10 in the second half of the 2023 season!

Seongnam FC will hold open youth tests in the second half of 2023.

The recruitment field is U12 and U10, from the current 5th grade of elementary school (born in 2012) to the 2nd grade of elementary school (born in 2015). The application period is from Monday, September 26th to 15:00 on Friday, October 13th.메이저사이트

The test is conducted in 1st and 2nd tests and consists of basic tests and practice games.

The testing period is from Monday, October 16 to Friday, October 20, and only those who pass the first test can take the second test. If additional testing is necessary, it continues until the third round.

Test times will be notified individually to applicants, and the final successful applicants will join Seongnam FC U12 and U10 and participate in weekend leagues and soccer competitions organized by the federation and association.

The club provides fairer opportunities to select outstanding players each season and conducts transparent selection by establishing the club’s own selection program for objective player evaluation.

Seongnam FC’s player management team said, “U12 and U10 are the most important times for players to be exposed to soccer. Seongnam is discovering players in the younger age groups to join the club and providing long-term guidance to them until they are 15 and 18 years old and even produce professional players. In fact, “Most of this year’s 6th grade players have been confirmed to be promoted to Seongnam FC U15, and the number of professional players from the club’s youth ranks, such as Park Tae-jun and Kim Ji-su, is increasing. I hope that many new soccer players who will grow with Seongnam will join us in this open test,” he said.

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