Seoul Dongsan High School and Gyeonggi Commercial High School clash on the opening day of the 51st Bonghwangdaegi

On the opening day of the 51st Bonghwangdaegi National High School Baseball Championship, Seoul Dongsan High School, which caused a cataclysm by beating Whimoon High School, a baseball player, in the phoenix game last year, and Gyeonggi Commercial High School, which made it to the semifinals of the national championship for the first time this year.메이저사이트

This tournament, in which all high schools (95 teams) registered with the Korea Baseball Softball Association, the largest number ever, will participate, fanfare simultaneously at Mok-dong, Sinwol, and Guui Stadiums in Seoul on August 18, and fierce competition will be held for 19 days until September 5.

Yulgok High School head coach Moon Yong-soo and Jeju High School head coach Park Jae-hyeon, who are the presidents of the High School Supervisors Council, attended an online meeting held at the Korea Baseball Softball Association meeting room in Dogok-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 28th and confirmed the draw and matchup for this tournament.

Seoul Dongsan High School, which will start on the opening day of August 18th, has been growing every year even though the baseball team has only been founded for 5 years. It is a team that made the semifinals of the first national competition in the Blue Dragon.

In addition, Bucheon High School – Wonju High School, Gangwon High School – Gimhae High School (Lee Sang Mokdong), Masan Yongma High School – Daejeon Jeil High School, Jeon High School – Bundang BC, Seongnam High School – Korea K-POP High School (Lee Sang Shinwol), Jemulpo High School – Gwangju Jinheung High School, Gwangnam High School – Gaesong High School, Yatap High School and Yale Meditech High School (Lee Sang-goo) were also included in the matchup on the first day of the opening.

The Bonghwangdaegi High School Baseball Championship, which shouted the first ‘Play Ball’ in 1971, has produced numerous star players over the past half century, from ‘Korean Express’ Park Chan-ho (Gongju High School) to Lee Jeong-hu (Kiwoom Whimoon High School). In particular, among the four high school baseball tournaments hosted by the central media, all teams from all over the country participated without regional qualifiers, and it has been called ‘Korea’s Koshien’ and has directed a drama without a script.

The historic Bonghwangdaegi, in which Korean players in Japan also participated, was temporarily suspended in 2010 according to the policy of reducing the tournament due to the introduction of the high school baseball weekend league, but it was revived in 2013 amidst the fervent desire of high school baseball fans and celebrated its 51st inning.

Ahead of the 2024 KBO Rookie Draft (September 14), the phoenix waiting to decorate the finale of high school baseball this season will be held in three stadiums until the round of 32, and from the round of 16, the main character of ‘Green Phoenix’ will be covered at Mokdong Stadium.

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