Shin’s final opponent, Shin Shin-seo or Park Jung-hwan

The gateway to the two finalists was cleared by 9th dan Min-jun Shin. Shin Min-joon 9 defeated Kim Seung-gu in game 1 of the seventh round of the 2023 YK Go Main Draw at the Go TV Studio on the afternoon of the 23rd to reach the final stage.

Shin, who was the first to finish his individual schedule, has a final record of 6-1-1. Shin Min-jun is the only other player with one loss or less to date, meaning he will advance to the final regardless of the results of the other players’ remaining tournaments.

Shin Min-jun 9th dan in the Final 5. He joined as a wild card and went 6-1 in the main draw.

His opponent in the final round, 메이저사이트 Kim Seung-gu, is a rookie who joined the organization late last year. He joined the main league, where the best knights compete, after qualifying for the rookie group (born in 2006 or later) specially organized by YK Gungeibae.

In his first match against a player seven years his junior, Shin Min-jun 9th dan lost in 193 moves. “At the beginning, I thought it was bad, but as I lived on the right side and got better and better, I became formidable. After that, I thought I won when I caught a white stone in the center,” he said.

The nine-year age gap between the two players was the first time they met.

Shin Min-joon 9 dan struggled in the preliminary round, but was granted a wild card to join the main stage. If Shin, who is currently 5-1, wins his remaining match against Lee, he will advance to the final regardless of Lee’s remaining matches.

“I’m happy to be in the final among such a strong group of knights,” said Shin Min-jun 9th dan, “and I will prepare well for the rest of the tournament and show a good performance in the final.”

Kim Seung-koo advanced to the main league after qualifying from the rookie group. He has a 1-5 record.

In its second season, the 2023 YK Gunboat is competing for the title in the first and second rounds of qualification, the main league, and the final five. The prize money is 60 million won for the winner and 30 million won for the runner-up.

The following matches are scheduled for the main league: Byun Sang-il-Kang Dong-yoon (9:4) on May 24, Park Jung-hwan-Gim Seung-gu (0:0) on June 5, Shin Shin-seo-Ichang-ho (1:1) on June 7, and Park Jung-hwan-Won Sung-jin (16:7, head-to-head in brackets) on June 12.

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