Shinsung, Ace, even foreigners… Team K League waiting for the Midsummer Festival

The Midsummer Football Festival is coming. Football fans and players are paying attention to Team K League, which is participating in the ‘Coupang Play Series’ in unison.

The Professional Football Federation held a briefing at the Seoul Sinmunro Soccer Center on the 11th and checked the status of Team K League voting for the match against Atletico (AT) Madrid (Spain) in the first leg of the ‘2023 Coupang Play Series’.오래된 토토사이트

Team K League will open a full-fledged summer soccer festival by playing face-to-face with AT Madrid on the 27th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Team K-League consists of 11 ‘Fan Eleven’ who were counted solely by fans’ votes, and 11 ‘Pick Eleven’ selected by Hong Myung-bo, coach of Ulsan Hyundai and Federation Technical Committee, who will lead the team.

In the fan voting that started on the 5th, players from each position are competing against each other based on the 4-3-3 model. While the popular players of each team are competing fiercely, what attracts attention is the active ‘election campaign’ of foreign players. 

Daegu FC Sejingya and FC Seoul Osmar, who played the K-League for a long time, encouraged fans to vote through their social media (SNS). In particular, Sejingya showed confidence in participating early on, saying, “I am very grateful to all the fans who voted for me to be able to attend the game.”

In addition, Anton of Daejeon Hana Citizen, who stepped on the K-League stage for the first time this season, urged, “Please vote for the K-League so that we can represent it as Asia’s strongest league.”

Among them, Sejingya proved its reputation by ranking first in the total number of votes as of 07:00 on the 12th. Anton was ranked among the top defenders, beating players from the national team such as Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan) and Hong Chul (Daegu). He is competing closely with Seol Young-woo, who placed first, with a difference of less than 100 votes.

In addition, in the midfield sector, the leap of Bae Jun-ho (Daejeon), who shared the legend of the semifinals at the U-20 FIFA World Cup held in Argentina last month, is also noteworthy. He overtook Osmar, Yun Bitgaram (Suwon FC) and Lee Chung-yong (Ulsan) to rank among the top 3 midfielders. It means that soccer fans are keeping an eye on the K-League divinity. Lastly, Lee Seung-woo (Suwon FC), Na Sang-ho (FC Seoul), and Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan) occupy the top 3 in the strikers category.

Team K League fan voting will be held until midnight on the 16th. The status of each player’s vote is revealed every hour through the official K-League application, Kick, but the last three days are held privately. Then, on the 17th, the 11 Fan Eleven members will be revealed, and the Pick Eleven list will be announced two days later. 

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