‘Shocking scene’ West Ham MF ‘bleeding+bandaged’ after being stamped on forehead by football boot… while scoring ‘equalizer’

A soccer player has been left with a large gash on his forehead after being struck by a soccer shoe.

“West Ham star Tomas Suček, 28, suffered a horrific head wound during the match,” British media outlet The Sun reported on Monday (Aug. 19).

Suček, who is on international duty with the Czech Republic national team, played full time and scored one goal in a UEFA Euro 2024 qualifier against Poland on Aug. 18. The teams played to a 1-1 draw.

During the match, Suchek suffered a large cut on his forehead. He was struck by the studs of an opponent’s soccer shoe. 무지개토토 주소

Sucek fell to the ground while competing for the ball with Polish defender Jan Bednarek (Southampton), but Bednarek didn’t see him and accidentally kicked Sucek in the face.

Sucek played the rest of the game with his head bandaged.

The Sun highlighted Sucek’s fight through the injury, saying he “showed great courage.”

After the game, Sucheck released a photo of himself smiling with his bandages off, reassuring fans.

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