Side injury’ Ohtani misses 4 games in a row… “There will be no roster changes,” but a growing question mark

 Is the side injury serious? Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) was left out of the starting lineup for four consecutive games.

The Angels will have a home match against the 2023 Major League Baseball Cleveland Guardians at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA on the 8th (Korean time). But once again, Otani’s name was excluded.

Ohtani was suddenly excluded from the starting lineup on the 5th. The reason is because he suffered a side injury during training. Otani, who seemed to be in bad condition, missed the game on the 5th and was also omitted from the lineup for the game on the 6th. Since Ohtani continued to play as a ‘batsman’ even after recently suffering a serious injury where his right elbow ligament ruptured, his exclusion from the starting lineup for two consecutive games had significant implications.

In particular, Ohtani was not only excluded from the starting lineup for the game on the 6th, but also did not participate in the ‘group photo shoot’ that took place prior to the game. The Angels team explained the reason as because Ohtani went to get a side examination. Therefore, the Angels had one of the team’s front office members, who was not Ohtani, wear Ohtani’s uniform and put him in the filming instead. Ohtani was also absent from the game on the 7th.

When asked about the results of Ohtani’s side examination on the 6th, Angels manager Phil Nevin said, “I can’t say anything about the results of the MRI examination right now. It’s improving a lot. No decision has been made regarding future treatment. Going forward, we will look at the condition every day and decide whether to play in the game.” “It is,” he said.바카라사이트

The head coach also made it clear that there are no plans to place Ohtani on the injured list (IL). According to Japan’s ‘Daily Sports’, Coach Nevin drew a line, saying, “There will be no movement in the roster.” But the colon is getting longer. Ohtani was also left out of the starting lineup against Cleveland on the 8th. First of all, Coach Nevin announced that Ohtani will return within 1-2 days, but the situation remains to be seen.

Questions are growing about Ohtani’s physical condition as he recently suffered a major injury that ruptured his right elbow ligament and caused problems on his side, resulting in a prolonged absence. How will frequent injuries affect Ohtani’s value as he approaches free agent status?

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