Song Seung-min’s offensive point that Chungnam-Asan desperately wants “10 goals, go straight if you get on the flow!”

“When I type my name, (attack) points are always talked about…”

‘Iron man’ Song Seung-min (31, Chungnam Asan) chose to break through the controversy around him head-on. Song Seung-min, who entered the pro in 2014, has two modifiers. The first is ‘iron man’, and the second is ‘attack points less than expected’. He has played in 104 consecutive games in the past, setting the record for the most consecutive appearances by a field player in the history of the K-League. This is why the positive evaluation of ‘Iron Man’ in front of his name is attached. However, there are also negative modifiers. Song Seung-min spoke up on his own. 스포츠토토

At the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 26th, Song Seung-min said, “If you type my name, (attack) points come out every year. I’m trying to do better at what I do well and supplement what I can’t do. More I try to play well, and I try to increase my attack points. I tend to try every year.”

Song Seung-min played in all 40 games last year. Since 2017, he has recorded all appearances for the first time in 5 years. However, he only scored 3 goals -4 assists due to goal cancellation and missed penalty kicks. This is why coach Park Dong-hyuk said, “Personally, I’m half joking and half serious, but Song Seung-min says he’ll give me 10 attack points this year. Then I think we can go to the playoffs (PO).” Chungnam-Asan players are also eagerly hoping for Song Seung-min to score. Park Se-jik, the ‘second brother’ of Chungnam Asan, even prepared a cheering phrase to wish Song Seung-min a top scorer.

He said, “I have the burden of attack points. To be honest, if I had put in what I could have put in, the (team) ranking would have been different. would have changed,” he said.

Song Seung-min is immersed in training more than anyone else to shake off his regret. He said, “The training intensity is higher than last year. It feels like there are more difficult training sessions. I don’t want to think that it’s because I’m older (laughs). Last season ended early. It feels like starting from step 3 instead of step 1.”

He said, “The goal is 10 attack points. It is difficult to reach 10 points. After that, I think we can ride the flow and do well. It has become a team that is challenged and challenged. It is also a burden. It is a civil club and a low-budget club, but it seems that people see it differently. Even among footballers, the way they see it has changed. Our team is sticky. Even on the field I hope it will continue like that,” he said.

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