The cameraman who was hit by a bad throw…’Draw a finger V’

During a major league game, a broadcast cameraman fell down after being hit by a ball.

At the moment when everyone was worried, what kind of action did the cameraman show?

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Baltimore’s defense against the Yankees.

It’s a double out hit.

Out on second base! To 1st base, a bad throw comes out.

uh? But isn’t the atmosphere unusual?

Looking back in slow motion, the ball hit the cameraman’s head.

Everyone is watching with worried eyes.

The cameraman was taken to the vehicle after receiving first aid.

The moment everyone wondered if he was okay.

He sends a sign that he is okay with his finger ‘V’ and the stadium is filled with generous applause.

Can you come back healthy soon?

Miami is one point behind.

Bottom of the ninth with one out and runners on first and second base.

I wanted to blow a chance with a grounder in front of the pitcher, but as the pitch went past the first baseman, everyone started running.

Runner on second base home in!

And even the runner on first base~~~~ Home!

End up in a come-from-behind win.

After all, it wasn’t over until it was over~

The last play is like a circus.

A runner on third base runs home on a ground ball, but jumps by avoiding the catcher’s tag!

Wow… what an amazing play, right?

It’s been a top play so far.

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