The challenge for 40% is not over, Araes 4 hits and hits… 0.386 batting average

Luis Araes (26, Miami Marlins), who is challenging the 40% batting average of the season, drove in 4 hits in one game.

Araes started as the first batter and second baseman in the Baltimore away game held at Camden Yards, Maryland, USA on the 16th (Korean time), and recorded 5 hits, 4 hits and 1 RBI. The team lost 5-6, but with the first four hits in the second half, it significantly raised the batting average from 0.380 to 0.386 (130 hits in 337 at-bats). The game against Baltimore was the 6th time Araes had more than 4 hits in a game.

Araes maintained a batting average of 40% until the match against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 25th of last month. It was the team’s 78th game of the season. However, after staying 1-for-4 on the 26th, his .400 batting average collapsed and he has not recovered since. The game against Baltimore on the 16th was Miami’s 94th game of the season. In 1941, the last 40% hitter in MLB history (0.406), Ted Williams’ batting average in the 94th game of that year was 0.408.

After Williams, numerous hitters challenged the .400 batting average, but all fell short. According to, the MLB official website, in 1997, Larry Walker (then Colorado Rockies) recorded a batting average of 0.406 close to Williams in the 94th game. The last person to maintain a .400 batting average after Williams was George Brett (then Kansas City Royals) in 134 games in 1980.

Although the momentum at the beginning of the season has waned, Aries is steadily accumulating hits. In the last 7 games, his batting average is 0.370 (10 hits in 27 at-bats). He continues to save the fire with a 40% batting average, which is not easy.메이저도메인

A native of Venezuela, Araes made his big league debut in 2019 with the Minnesota Twins. From his first season, he boasted formidable contact ability with a batting average of 0.334 (109 hits in 326 at-bats). Last year, a four-year difference, he recorded a batting average of 0.316 (173 hits in 547 at-bats) in 144 games, and became the American League (AL) batting champion. He wore a Miami uniform in a trade that included starting pitcher Pablo Lopez in January and is active as the team’s leadoff. His career batting average is 0.328 (574 hits in 1750 at-bats) with 17 home runs and 175 RBI.

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