The first ‘Moon Kim Daejeon’ after becoming a professional Big Bang in Gwangju… Kim Do-young “I won the last match”

The first Moon Kim Daejeon is approaching. August 6th (Sun) Gwangju Champions Field is the battlefield of the first Moon Kim Daejeon.

Moon Dong-ju and Kim Do-young are the best rivals of all time, who entered the professional league with a lot of topics. Moon Dong-ju has been a fastball pitcher who has been able to throw 155km since high school, and Kim Do-young has given the KIA Tigers a lot of trouble with the title of the second Lee Jong-beom.

And the two players entered the pros, and one is growing calmly as an ace of Hanwha and the other as a key hitter for KIA. Currently, neither baseball officials nor fans have any doubts that these two will lead Korean professional baseball. That’s how fast it grows.

This season, Moon Dong-ju threw 93 innings with an earned run average of 3.48. He established himself as the perfect native starter. In addition, at the beginning of the season, at the Gwangju Champions Field, he was the first Korean player to cover 160 km. He is literally establishing himself as the best young gun pitcher in Korea.

Many baseball players are unanimous in saying that he will grow as a pitcher representing Korea. He is a strong Rookie of the Year candidate this season.

However, Kim Doyoung is also not easy. Although he failed to qualify for the Asian Games due to metatarsal bone surgery at the beginning of the season, he has been wielding a fire bat since returning from injury. On August 3, against Samsung, he drove in 4 hits and raised his batting average tremendously.

His batting average this season is 0.339 and OPS is 0.891. There are also 8 stolen bases. It is regrettable that his walks are rather small at 8, but he is playing the role of a strong second, bringing in Park Chan-ho and Choi Won-jun in front of Na Seong-beom.

The two had many opportunities to face each other in high school. Because it was the same area. In the practice game at the beginning of the season, Moon Dong-joo struck out Kim Do-yeong with a 154km fastball. However, in the last confrontation between the two, in the weekend league, Kim Do-young won Moon Dong-ju with two hits (a midfield hit and a bunt hit on the third base side). And the first nomination was also taken by Kim Do-young. In the final match, Kim Do-young was half a step ahead.

Kim Do-yeong and Moon Dong-ju are the best talents that Gwangju has produced in recent years. The two received major league identification and registration, and both were super-special prospects that were noticed in the United States to the extent that they were offered substantial amounts of money by the major leagues. These two will face off for the first time wearing professional uniforms.

Kim Do-young showed a fighting spirit that he never wanted to lose, even though he was in awe of his rival who had grown up.꽁머니지급

Kim Do-young said, “Honestly, there are things that scare me because Dong-joo has become a very good pitcher. But since I won in the official high school game, I became a better pitcher than then because I couldn’t ignore the experience, but I think it will be a good match because I think I have become a better hitter than then.”

Professional baseball needs a story and a sense of tension to attract fans’ attention. The two resemble the story of Kuwata and Kiyohara, who embroidered the Japanese baseball world in the past. That’s why there is a lot of talk about the Korean version of H2. To that extent, the talents of the two are the best of the best.

It is clear that ‘Moongim Daejeon’ will continue to be the best content in professional baseball that can attract fans’ interest. The first Big Bang in history is about to begin at Champions Field in Gwangju.

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