“The team is the second-best shortstop in history… Kim Ha-seong’s future is on the rise” SD Press Trade Prospect

San Diego local media also predicted the possibility of Kim Ha-seong (28)’s trade.

On the 13th (hereinafter Korean time), the US’San Diego Union-Tribune’ presented Kim Ha-seong’s evaluation of last year and this year’s outlook through the Padres roster review corner ahead of the 2023 season.

Reporter Jeff Sanders said, ‘In 2022, Ha-seong Kim decorated with the second best shortstop season in Padres history. According to fangraphs, Kim Ha-seong’s WAR was 3.7, which was 11th best among all shortstops. It was a rare season for San Diego, which had not found an answer at shortstop for decades before acquiring Fernando Tatis Jr. in a trade in 2016.”

The last San Diego shortstop to record a WAR of 3.5 or higher before Tatis Jr. arrived was Argie Smith (4.0) in 1980. It was followed by Caryl Green (3.2) in 2004, Evers Cabrera (2.9) in 2013, Damian Jackson (2.6) in 2000, Tony Fernandez (2.5) in 1991, and Gary Templeton (2.5) in 1985.

Reporter Sanders said, “Ha-seong Kim, who has been active as a shortstop in Korea every day since he was 19, came to the United States through a 4-year contract, but he needed to adapt because he could not hit fastballs over 90 miles in the first year of 2021. “The experience on and off the field became a lesson in the process of preparing for the second year season,” he said highly of Kim Ha-sung’s ability to adapt.

“Danceby Swanson (Chicago Cubs) was nominated for the National League Gold Glove shortstop category, which was not surprising given his glove work as a shortstop, second baseman, and third baseman a year ago,” he said. 622 to .708. He explained that his ability to cope with fastballs has improved, saying, “I expect to record a batting average of .264 and a slugging percentage of .398 this year after a year after recording a batting average of .216 against fastballs and a slugging percentage of .311.”

Regarding the outlook for this season, ‘He played well in 2022, but San Diego recruited Zander Bogarts as a shortstop, and Tatis Jr. is scheduled to return from injury and suspension, Ha-seong Kim’s future is up. First of all, Jake Cronenworth is expected to move to first base, and Kim Ha-seong is expected to move to first base.”

On the one hand, the possibility of trade was predicted. “The redundant power of the center infield can help San Diego general manager AJ Preller bolster other aspects,” Sanders said. There will be demand for Kim Ha-seong by his performance in 2022,’ he said, and saw that there would be trade inquiries from other teams. 스포츠토토

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