The way to Cook Different Types of Ham

Roasting or Baking–Fully Prepared

There are three simple types of completely cooked ham:

1) Wet cured or perhaps City Ham
2) Spiral sliced
3) Canned hams

Maintain in mind that will a fully cooked ham will not require cooking; it can be eaten because is. But preparing food it can draw out the flavors from the own juices. The taste can also become enhanced with the addition of additional ingredients during the baking process. A fully prepared ham needs to be grilled to an internal temperature of one hundred and forty degrees.

Spiral Sliced Ham

This style is pre-seasoned in addition to does not require cooking. However, if the ham is to be able to be served warm place it inside aluminum foil, cut side down through adding approximately � pot of water. Put ham tightly inside aluminum foil and cook at 275�-300�. Allow 10 in order to 14 minutes each pound cooking occasion. Ham may be taken off from oven any time internal temperature extends to 135�. Allow in order to sit in evade for a very few minutes till the interior temperature reaches 140�.

Canned Pork

Spot the ham in a shallow cooking pan, uncovered. Bake at 325�. Allow 15 to 20 minutes per pound cooking time.

Rainy Cured (City) Ham

This ham may be cooked either covered or uncovered.


Trim virtually any excess skin plus fat. Do certainly not trim off most the fat while that is just what produces the fruit juices and flavor. Location ham in some sort of roasting pan, if cut, place slice side down. Cover up with aluminum evade and bake with 325 degrees. Let 15 to eighteen minutes per lb for whole hams and 18 to be able to 24 minutes per pound for 50 percent hams. Glazes, when used, ought to be used during the last half an hour of preparing food.

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Follow guidelines for covered pig, except do not cover with evade. Use same food preparation temperatures and occasions. Apply glaze within the last 30 minutes of cooking food.

Roasting or Preparing Partially Cooked or even Uncooked Pig

These types of hams are defined as Dry-Cured (Country) ham or Wet-Cured (City) Ham types. Remember, regardless associated with the type, these types of hams must be prepared to an interior temperature of one hundred sixty degrees.

Dry-Cured (Country) Ham

These hams need to be washed and drenched for up to be able to three days ahead of cooking. Follow typically the label directions upon the ham intended for washing and placing instructions. This sort of ham can be baked protected or uncovered.


After soaking, stick it in a big roasting pan together with 4 to five cups of drinking water. If the ham provides a skinless side and also a side together with skin, place it inside the roasting pan skin side up.

Cover the pork with aluminum evade or a deal with. Put the ham within a preheated 375 degree oven in addition to increase oven heat to 500� and even cook with this establishing for the first of all 10 minutes only. After 10 a few minutes, turn the range off and enable the particular ham setting for three hours without opening the oven doorway. Turn the stove back on to 500� again for 15 minutes. This time, the ham needs to set throughout the oven, with out the door being opened, for 6 to 8 hrs. After setting, typically the internal temperature associated with the ham ought to be at least one hundred sixty degrees; if not really, repeat the five hundred degrees setting once again for a quarter-hour plus check the pig after 1 to 2 hours. In case desired, brush along with glaze before serving.


After sitting, place the ham in a huge roasting pan using 3 cups normal water. Never cover. Put the ham inside a preheated 325 degree oven and even cook until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. While a guide, a new whole ham will be needing about 18 to 20 minutes and a half ham will need about twenty two to 25 mins cooking time per pound.

Wet-Cured (City) Ham

Use typically the same methods since the fully grilled wet cured hams, but remember to be able to cook to a good internal temperature associated with 160 degrees. Therefore, the cooking will certainly be a small longer than of which for a completely cooked wet pork.

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