Three women shot and wounded at Chicago White Sox Stadium The circumstances of the incident are a mystery

 Three baseball fans who were watching a game at the Chicago White Sox home stadium of the American Professional Baseball (MLB) were shot and injured.

However, there are no proper eyewitnesses and no suspects, so there is only speculation about who fired the gun and how the gun was brought into the arena after going through security screening.

According to Chicago ABC and CBS on the 30th (local time), three women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who were sitting in the back seat of left field during the White Sox vs. Oakland Athletics game held at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago on the 25th were shot one after another. That’s right.

Among the victims, a woman in her 40s received emergency treatment for a serious injury to her right thigh, while two others suffered injuries to the abdomen and back.

The victim, a woman in her 30s, said, “After hearing the binge drinking twice, my back hurt like it was being pinched.” .바카라사이트

After police failed to find a suspect in the shooting, forensic scientists said the bullet had hit the thigh of a female victim in her 40s and reached her calf, suggesting that “it is possible that the victim hid a gun in the arena and accidentally opened fire.”

However, this woman argued through her lawyer on the 29th that “she has no facts of bringing a firearm to the stadium and has nothing to do with the shooting.”

The lawyer said his client is an annual membership holder for the White Sox stadium and is well aware of the rules that spectators must abide by. “I confirmed that it was not caused by it,” he said.

Based on closed-circuit TV recordings taken at the security checkpoint at the entrance of the stadium, the White Sox team said, “The woman was not a problem at the security checkpoint, and a person with a cell phone standing in front of the woman was caught on a metal detector and an alarm sounded.” told

The Chicago police held a long meeting on the 29th and reviewed all the videos, eyewitness statements, and evidence related to the case, but it was reported that they could not find a clue to solving the case.

The police previously drew a line, saying, “The shooting took place inside the stadium, and there is no possibility that bullets flew from outside.” “He changed his stance.

The police emphasized that the investigation is still ongoing and asked not to make hasty predictions.

ABC reported that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) was assisting in the investigation.

Meanwhile, the White Sox club became controversial because it did not comply with the police’s request to stop the game after the incident.

However, former Chicago Police Commissioner Eugene Roy said, “Emergency evacuation of 22,000 spectators in the stadium through a limited passageway at a dark time could have called for a greater risk,” and said the club made an appropriate decision.

The White Sox team canceled the performance of rapper Vanilla Ice, which was scheduled to be held after the game, to support the police investigation.

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