“What’s more valuable than multi-hits…” Even without Yang Eui-ji, he laughed at the catcher

“The power of the pitchers is good.”

The Doosan Bears won 7-2 in a game against Australian All-Stars held at the Blacktown International Baseball Stadium in Sydney, Australia on the 19th.

After the game, coach Lee Seung-yeop picked Ahn Seung-han, who started as MVP number 8 hitter and catcher. While Yang Eui-ji left for Arizona, USA for the WBC national team training, Doosan is competing fiercely as a backup catcher.

Ahn Seung-han played 9 innings alone and cooperated with the pitching staff for two runs.

Starting pitcher Choi Won-joon broke the first tape with no runs while striking out 5 in 2 innings, followed by Kim Dong-joo (2 innings, no run) – Park Shin-ji (2 innings, 1 run) – Kim Myung-shin (⅔ innings, no run) – Lee Byung-hun (⅓ innings, 1 run). – Ko Bong-jae (1 inning scoreless) – Park Chi-guk (1 inning scoreless score) came up to the mound and finished the inspection.

His presence also stood out at the plate. He had a multi-hit game, getting hits in both the 3rd and 5th innings.

Director Lee praised, “The lead was good, and it was a difficult position, but I blocked it well with two runs. The catcher’s role was good.”

Ahn Seung-han turned the ball to the pitchers. Ahn Seung-han said, “It’s been a while since the pitchers played, so the strength was good, and the pitching was also good.” 스포츠토토

Regarding his performance at bat, he said, “I think it came out that I practiced with Coach Goto and Coach Kim Joo-chan. Also, I thought the coach pointed it out once in a while, but I think it’s good that I practiced a little.”

He did a good job, but he didn’t attach much importance to it. Ahn Seung-han explained, “It’s a practice match, so it doesn’t mean much. However, I’m satisfied that preparations for the season are going well as planned.”

He has multi-hit performances, but puts value on working with the pitcher. Ahn Seung-han said, “I am more happy to confirm that our pitchers’ balls are generally good than to record multi-hits at bat. I will do my best for the rest of the camp as I am now.”

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