Who will win the SSG vs LG ‘Big Match’?

Two teams in the ‘2nd round’, SSG in 3 consecutive matches from the 27th
, riding 0.5 games ahead,
the ride will be bigger when sweeping one side ahead

. It is expected to be the biggest highlight of the first half as a team’s ‘sweep’ (3 wins) can widen the ride.

SSG, which leads with 43 wins, 1 draw and 25 losses,토토체험머니 and an odds ratio of 0.632, invites LG (43 wins, 2 draws and 26 losses, odds ratio of 0.623), which is in second place by 0.5 games, to its home, Incheon SSG Landers Field, from the 27th to the 29th. . This week’s three-game series is the battleground that will decide whether the two teams will stick together with a difference of 0.5 to 1 game until the end of the first half, or whether one team will lead by a wide margin.

Like the two teams that formed the 2nd round, the mound is stable. LG’s team ERA is 3.60, and SSG’s are 3.62, second and third overall. However, the driving force of a strong mound is different. LG, who is in second place with 3.67, is better than SSG, which is in eighth place with 4.36, and SSG, which is the only bullpen with a ERA of 2.62 among 10 clubs, is the only one in the 2-point range to LG, which is in fifth place with 3.52. It’s a definite advantage.

Bats are markedly different in color. LG’s team batting average is 0.282, far ahead of the runner-up NC (0.267), which is the strongest among the 10 clubs. The walks are 323, more than 40 more than the runner-up Hanwha (278), so the starting plan is also good. However, due to the use of the widest Jamsil Stadium, the team’s home runs remain at 7th with 37. Rather than making a big shot, the rifle units pile up runners and bring them in with the power of the overall batting average (0.291) in the scoring range. LG is also ranked first overall with 375 points for the team. LG’s offensive power doubled as Kim Hyun-soo, who fell into extreme sluggishness with a batting average of 0.148 in May, rebounded in June with a batting average of 0.333 and 20 RBIs.꽁머니지급

SSG’s team batting average is 0.261, which is 4th, but the team’s home runs are 71, 24 ahead of Doosan (47), which is in second place, and the firepower of the cannon is incomparable. SSG Landers Field has the virtue of being the best home run stadium along with Daegu Samsung Lions Park, but the long hitting power of the entire batting line, led by Choi Jeong (19), who is the No. 1 home run player, is also different from that of LG. In particular, Choi Jung-eun hit 11 home runs in June alone, challenging the home run king for the fourth time in his personal career. As this confrontation takes place at SSG Landers Field, the outcome of the match is expected to change depending on how well the LG mound suppresses SSG’s home run.

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