Will you be responsible for the momentum in the second half? ‘3G continuous QS’ overwhelming Ko Young-pyo, ‘OPS 1.304’ Yang Eui-ji’s destructive power

Now, the second half ranking race begins. The national ace and the best catcher are standing in the forefront.

Go Young-pyo and Yang Eui-ji spent a hot July that overwhelmed even the monsoon rain.

Ko Young-pyo recorded a quality start plus (7 or more starting innings, 3 earned or less) in all three games he started in July. He is a strong pitcher with 3 runs and an earned run average of 1.31 in 20⅔ total innings.

In particular, in the KIA Tigers game on the 8th, he pitched 3 runs in 7 innings, but only became a losing pitcher, and in the NC Dinos game on the 2nd (6⅔ innings) and the Kiwoom Heroes game on the 13th (7 innings), he pitched hard with no runs, showing a heightened presence. showed off In particular, his 18 strikeouts are the first in the month. Koh Young-pyo is at the center of the KT Wiz’s 3-game winning streak ahead of the All-Star Break and their rise to 7th place.

The season’s WAR (contribution to victory against substitutes, based on Sports 2 I) rose to 3.25, and he rose to 5th place in the league pitcher before he knew it. Woojin Ahn (Kiwoom), Alcantara (Doosan), Pedi (NC), and Plutco (LG) stood next to each other. The average ERA (2.78) and the most wins (8 wins) are also 5th.

Among the batters, Yang Eui-ji’s presence is surprising. Even before the season, when Doosan believed in the class and invested 15.2 billion won in recruiting free agent Yang Eui-ji for six years, there were many dubious views.

As of July, his influence across all areas of batting is remarkable, including 1st place in overall batters’ WAR (3.95), 2nd place in batting average (3.35 li), 1st place in on-base percentage (0.600), and 2nd place in slugging percentage (0.704). While leading Doosan’s young pitching staff as a catcher, he is still showing off his best skills as a hitter.메이저사이트

In July alone, he batted 4.8 1 Lee (13 hits in 27 at-bats, 1 home run) with a 1.304 OPS. Until June, coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “It’s time to throw a win. Even if it’s too much, I’ll push through three consecutive bullpen fights.”

Meanwhile, Shell Oil Korea selects and awards pitchers and batters who have performed well in winning the team as ‘Shell Helix Players’ every month. One of the most objective evaluation indicators, WAR (contribution to victory over substitute players), is being used.

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