“Yang Eui-ji’s burden is true” Park Se-hyeok “I have my own color”

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Yang Eui-ji, who left for Doosan, and Park Se-hyeok, who moved to NC as if they were changing uniforms.

Even in the fate of being compared to his best catcher, he is immersed in training regardless of his place, saying that he will show his worth.

This is reporter Park Jae-woong from Arizona.

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Park Se-hyeok is in the middle of batting training.

Whenever the bat turns, Park Gun-woo’s gaze does not fall.

It is the mischievous consideration of Park Gun-woo, a colleague from Doosan who welcomes the newly joined Park Se-hyuk.

“Aren’t you paying attention? Do it again? It came from MBC?”

In 2019, when Eui-ji Yang moved to NC, Sae-hyuk Park took over as Doosan’s main catcher.

Unfortunately, when Yang Eui-ji returned to Doosan this time, Park Se-hyeok moved to NC to fill Yang’s vacant place, as if moving in a chain.

It’s an ironic fate to be compared to the best catcher every time, but the more you focus on your own baseball.

[Park Se-hyuk/NC]
“It was true that it was a bit burdensome, but (2019) I managed to do it anyway. Rather than burden or something like that, I think I should play my own baseball.”

I am thrilled at the thought of working with league representative ace Koo Chang-mo.

[Park Sae-hyeok/NC]
“When I played with NC, I didn’t remember hitting so well (against Chang-mo Koo)… I think that Chang-mo Gu’s ball is a ball that any catcher wants to receive, and it is a ball that I am greedy for, and I think it is the most important thing to help.”

You can feel the dignity of a 12-year veteran in leading the new foreign pitcher and leading the catcher team. 바카라사이트

[Ahn Joong-yeol/NC]
“I feel like a captain. A style that leads the way? It’s a style that does everything on its own.”

Although he suffered a slump after an orbital fracture injury two years ago, instead of making excuses, he only thought of proving his worth by concentrating on training in front of the restaurant and at the dorm.

[Park Se-Hyuk/NC]
“There may be a lot of lacking, and I think there will be some people who think, ‘Is this going to work?’, but I will prepare well and try to repay the fans with good grades.”

Yang Eui-ji’s vacancy that I have to erase for the second time in my professional life.

Park Se-hyeok is ready to pour his all into it.

This is MBC News Park Jae-woong from Arizona.

Video coverage: Park Joo-young / Video editing: Jeong Seon-woo

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